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We take the hassle out of selling your toys.

About Next Step Pro Sales

Next Step Pro Sales is a Marketing & Consulting business for private owners looking to properly Market their RVs, Classic Cars, Boats & Motorcycles for sale. We assist in putting buyers and sellers together who normally would not be able to find each other on a National Level. Many people today simply do not have the time to market what they want to sell properly, and buyers don’t have the time to span the entire internet looking for what they want. In addition, both the Buyer and the Seller only want one thing and that is a fair deal. No worries, no regrets just simply a fair deal. A win, win as most people like to refer to it.
First, we do not charge you anything to help you get your item marketed to hundreds of internet websites for potential buyers. There are no up-front or hidden costs. We only collect a marketing fee of (4.5% to 7.5%-The Higher the price of your item the Lower the Percentage) if we help you to find a buyer for your item. This costs much less than putting your item on consignment with a local dealer and we are non-exclusive. So, if you sell your item yourself, you do not pay us a dime!
We qualify, preview, and assist you with each step of the sales process assisting both buyer and seller in taking the next step. Screening out potential buyers is very time consuming for any seller and finding the right buyer is never easy. It can be extremely frustrating if you are not prepared and knowledgeable in asking the right questions. Our goal is to make the transaction between you and the buyer as simple, secure and as stress free as possible. Our consultation is free! To find out if our services will make your life easier, take your Next Step and give us a call.


Eric J. LaRowe
Owner-Next Step Promotions, LLC

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